Monday, June 15, 2009

Cherry blossom a.k.a S.A.K.U.R.A

When I was a teenager, I always dream to go to Japan; a country which received earlier sunlight in the world with such lovely sakura (cherry blossom) and snow. I love to watch the drama, anime and reading manga from Japan to absorb some spirit and energy so that I will never give up. I learn to work hard and discipline myself by adapt that values from the series I watched and the manga I read. That’s why I can stand the difficulties in the journey of my life and improve myself; adapting the moral values and implements it to myself.

When I think about Japan, I will imagine the one of my favourites flower; plum blossom or cherry blossom. In short, we can call it as Sakura. A beautiful blossom that- though extremely delicate and refined in appearance- blossoms in the harshest, coldest bitterness of winter.

Plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum were adored by the ancient Chinese literati and artisans, and referred to as the “Four Noblemen.” This was because they were used to portray noble characteristics, such as pureness, humbleness, and uprightness.

The first “nobleman” is plum blossom which begins blooming in the harshness of winter and continues into early spring. What strikes me most about this beautiful ancient blossom, is that, though blossoming in the cruellest, coldest, harshest of environments, she is the most delicate and refined-looking of all the flowers I have ever seen! Not even pretentious like the rose. The rose will look delicate, but then it produces thorns to protect itself. The Chinese Snow Plum Blossom produces only a sweet aroma and a sweet, nourishing fruit

"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all." ~ The Emperor from Mulan

You probably remember this saying as a quote from the Emperor in the Disney hit movie, Mulan. That is actually an ancient Chinese proverb which is referring to the Snow Plum Blossom.

Replace the flower with a person and put them through life's challenges. Some people will continue to persevere and flourish. Others will become bitter and wither.

You may not appear to be tough and brave and strong. You may appear to be too delicate and too refined and too gentle. But don’t you worry. Your inner strength is unyielding and unstoppable. You may not produce thorns. But your fruit is as established as the ancient times. It meant that your uniqueness makes you are special and you have to believe that.

As a muslimah, I’m very proud. Even though I look different from other girls nowadays in term of attires, attitudes, the way of thinking and the aim of my life, but I deeply believe that, I’m special. Allah chooses me to feel the beautiful of Iman and He lends me His strength to me so that I can be practice Islam as much as I can.

Just like cherry blossom; though blossoming in the cruelest, coldest, harshest of environments, she is the most delicate and refined-looking of all the flowers I have ever seen! Islam is beautiful, people who practice Islam in this era as the way of life is the gorgeous person. And I want to be one of them too, to gain paradise and His Mercy. May Allah bless all of us!!


From the bottom of Besi’s heart

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