Friday, September 11, 2009

The wound is bleeding

The truth is pain
My bad… my sin……..
Attend to fear me back…after along time I keep it as my dark secret
My sin….
Did you still wanna be my friend if u knew it?
My past…my sin……..
Did you willing to love me when I already broke your heart into pieces long time ago?
My sin
Did you dare to love me after you know the real past of me?
My past…my sin……..
I trapped in the past history over and over again
My sin…
I strive to change for good..For the God sake..May God lend me His strength so that I can stand the pain
My sin..
Still remain wounds in people’s heart without I know wether it will disappear or not
My sin…
I’ll go to people who will receive me with arms wide open wether they know about it or not
My sin…
I’m being neglected
Can I found someone that widely open a pair of hand and fix my bad..and my sin and searching for my good deeds?
Can you hold my hand and take me out from my past, my bad and my sin towards the forgiveness and happiness?
Can you bring me far away from my past, my bad and my sin cause I can’t sleep tonight
Can you wipe my tear and sooth me with good words and tell me that everything will be ok so that I can sleep tonight and not crying because of my past, my bad and my sin?
Cause I’m tired..tired when I pretend to be strong even though I feel pain when I remember my past, my bad and my sin again…
When I become pain and heartless………..I’ll cry………..due to my past, my bad and my sin……………..
And tomorrow I’ll strive to change for better so that I can eliminate the hurt feeling and pain even I’m being neglected for entire life
For the God sake…I’ll change for the best..
and the rest let time heal it..

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