Friday, September 11, 2009

Heartless rant

Just take a little from my plate, chew it and telan..then you can talk...

if something fishy around plz dont bother to know it in deep..

irritating..hurting...let time heal it..

when the wound is bleeding 'again' how i want to heal it?

after a long time i keep it as my dark secret, n then you come to reveal it..for what?

that hurt me very much~

maybe some questions make you think a lot

1. if there is sum1 do a big mistake, do you want to forgive him?
2. if you forgive him, do you want to forget the mistake that he do?
3. if you already forget, do you want to love him with all your heart?

now answer me..

if you dare........

p/s: still bleeding and getting worst when you know that you are unforgiven and neglected..peace to the world

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