Sunday, December 14, 2008


Oh I’m sleepy
But my eyes won’t close
Candles burning
While my soul has frozen
From all that I’ve forgotten

Time is ending
And it’s in my dreams
My tree is bending
And it’s all it seems
I can do
To keep from boiling over

Or is the snow falling
At my window calling
Me away to a distant land
With desert sands
And every man is a brother
To another man

I never see the
Stars trying to outshine each other
I never heard of
The Fall being jealous of the Summer
It’s human fault
But not part of human nature
It’s human fault
But not part of human nature

(Chorus 2) [2x]
Or are the lights shining
In the city guiding
Me away across the Red Sea
Through palm trees
The home of our Messenger
Cradle of Belief

under white moon and arabian sands
while the muslimeen travel to arabian lands
listen while we pray, Allah
everybody say, everybody say:
labbayk, allahuma labbayk labbayk
labbayk, allahuma labbayk labbayk…
la sharika laka labbayk…
innal hamda wa ni’mata
innal hamda wa ni’mata
laka wal mulk , la sharika lakk!

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