Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Your Baby Can Read Double Side Word Card

Your Baby Can Read Double Side Word Card




    Welcome to a whole new way of learning!Every child has only one natural window of opportunity for learning language.This short window starts by birth and begin closing by age four.These words cards are designeds to teach babies and toddlers to read during that natural periods for learning language.We suggested reading to children on a daily basis -but reading to children(while a great activity for numerous for numerous reason) does not teach them to read.A recent sutdy in Psychological Science shows that the average 4- or 54 years old only focuses on words around five seconds per book.Children generally look at picture most of the times when parents are reading to them.With these word cards even babies focus on the words.

    What's inside this Box?
    44 Doubles-sided Word Cards
    -90 key words from Your baby can read!DVD
    -Words form these DVDs :Starter,volume 1,2,3

    1 parents cards
    -show how to use these cards
    -Gives suggestion to help your child learn to read


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