Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Your Baby Can Learn 5 Book Set

Your Baby Can Learn 5 Book Set



Your Baby Can Learn 5 Book Set


This brand new series of lift-the-flap books designed by Dr. Robert Titzer creator of the Your Baby Can Read! series designed to introduces babies, toddlers and children to Shapes, Numbers, Colours, Logic Patterns and Prepositions.

Created using information about how infants and toddlers learn this series will help children learn more in-depth information about these concepts in a fun, multi-sensory and interactive way.

These books teach:

  • Shapes (Babies will learn geometrically-related shapes instead of the typical shapes found in most baby books.)
  • Numbers (Dr. Titzer uses research from infant perception studies to help your baby learn the concept of number as  well as learn to read numerals.)
  • Patterns (This book teaches logic patterns using colourful photographs and words. For example, "big dog, little dog, big dog, little dog, big dog, little dog, big dog, What comes next?")
  • Colours (This book teaches lighter and darker shades of colours.)
  • Prepositions (Some of the most frequently used words in English are prepositions. Most babies are not specifically taught these words. Imagine how much more language your baby will understand if she or he comprehends prepositions.)


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