Thursday, August 7, 2008

Want to be success???

13 Ground Rules to Success in the Information Age

1.Become a quick-change artist

The ability to change as the organization asks. Be flexible in every circumstance. Don’t be shocked if today your friend’s say something different from yesterday. People who keep on changing…WINS!!

2.Commit fully to your job

Always continuous to create new value in yourself in order to be able to finish the job given

3.Speed up

Everything is fast in this era. Fast food, ATM, self services and others are things that show we need to speed up. Time is like gold. Time is like a sword. If you are not cut it, it will cut you and nothing is left in you.

4.Accept ambiguity and uncertainty.

Be patient with every uncertainty and accept it with heart wide open.

5.Behave like you’re in businesses for yourself

Try to think..”If this is my business, how should I treat it???” Are you daring to look your own business fail? So do other people who want to achieve the success. Every person have their own responsible, so try put all effort and do all the best in every types of work that we do.

6.Stay in school

Keep on learning for our entire life. Learning is a long process in order to develop our self. So, don’t stop learning until you die!!

7.Hold yourself accountable for outcomes

8.Add value

Give much more what you are taken by. People expect more from you than you are given by them. Be productive and add as much soft skill in yourself. It is good enough to find the new things.

9.See yourself as a service center

If problem comes, solve it. Don’t leave it. Be helpful to everyone and let yourself as a center in solving problems. By solving others problems, you’ll gain more than others. Believe it..

10.Manage your own morale.

Create your own self motivation. Every morning after you wake up from your sleep, try ask yourself” What is exciting things that I’m going to do for today??” Build up the feel of eager of what we are going to do.

11.Practice Kaizen

Kaizen is continuous improvement. Try asking yourself, “Am I better than yesterday??”

12.Be a fixer, not a finger pointer.

Be part of the solution, not the problem. Participate in solving the problems and find the solutions.

13.Alter your expectation

If you face a problem during finding solution, adjust your expectation and achieve the result. Create the scenario and control the information and be proactive in increasing your future.

by:Bidadari Besi

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