Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Selecting the Gender of Your Future Child


While there are many debates over how ethical it is to choose the gender of your child before they are born, the fact remains that there are some natural methods you can use that will increase the likelihood of having a child of a specific gender. The ethics of it are up to you and while no method is 100% accurate, there are a few things that you can try that will help you increase your chances for having either a boy or a girl.

These methods are centered around the fact that the sperm who carry Y chromosomes (which are necessary for a boy) are very different from the sperm that carry the X chromosome (which are necessary for a girl). By understanding these differences, and choosing the right methods,  you are creating an environment where one type of sperm can outshine the other and reach the main destination first. Let's take a look at what you can do.

The Right Diet

Y sperm require an enivornment that is alkalai in nature, while X sperm need more acid. The PH levels of your body determine how thick the cervical discharge is and whether or not the desired sperm will be able to get through successfully. In order to have a girl, you need to eat a diet that is rich in calcium and magnesium. In order to have a boy, a diet rich in potassium and sodium is required.

The Right Time

The timing of when you have intercourse can greatly affect the gender of your child. Because the Y sperm need to reach the egg as quickly as possible, it is necessary to time intercourse to the day that you ovulate to increase your chances of having a boy. They will be able to reach the egg while it and they are still viable.

But in order to have a girl, you need to give the Y sperm time to die off, leaving the more durable X sperm behind. This means that you will need to time intercourse to approximately two to three days before ovulation. This gives the X sperm more than enough time to reach the egg.

The Right Position

The position you choose for intercourse can also determine the sex of your child. Once again, we fall back to the differences between sperm. The Y sperm need to reach their destination in as little time as possible. This means that they need to be released as close to the cervix as possible, shortening the trip they must take to the egg. Positions that allow for deep penetration are ideal.

In order to have a girl, you need to make it more difficult for the Y sperm to reach their target on time. This means that positions where shallow penetration is achieved are necessary. The sperm will be deposited further away from the cervix, giving the X sperm the chance they need to reach the egg, and allowing the Y sperm to die off.


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